Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama With us or with them?

Many Iranian people here think that Obama has not done any thing to help Iranians.Well let us be clear here who should help Iranians ?? Iranians themselves or Americans?
Iranians have this sick beliefe that whatever happens in Iran is because of what one superpower or another does or does not . Don't we want to finally break this vicious circle and for once believe that making or breaking of Iran is and can only be done by Iranians themselves??

Monday, November 09, 2009

Again it is a very long time that I have not post any thing here.The reason more than any thing else was laziness I can give you a tin of reasons but they will be all false it is just that darn laziness.
Ok enough of that.As I guess whoever in the world who has the slightest interest in Iran and Iranian knows the Green movement is getting more and more intense and powerfull by the minute.And i mean by the minute.
From now on i try to converse more and more the Ideas and messages of this huge movement here and try to investigate it more from an immigrant point of view.