Monday, December 28, 2009

Revolution? Maybe….

For people like me who still clearly remember the events and clashes of Iran’s 1979 revolution these days are a very critical reminder.I clearly can compare the two happenings together and let me tell you there is many many similarities.

some people might say that well Shah was not this much brutal and I agree but let me remind you that the guards and the armed forces that are in the streets can not always keep their distance I should also remind you that most of the forces in the streets are very young and vulnerable to the things they see and hear.So although i absolutely condemn the system for the brutality I also can understand why the protesters try to cover the security forces and take them out of harms way.Do not forget that these are Iranians too and when the system collapses all of Iranians and I insist ALL the Iranians should learn to live and respect each other and this includes all the sepahis and basijis and Mullahs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nobel peace prize speech

Well the last people I thought would praise Obama for his speech were Sara Palin and Newt Gingrich but hey as they say Newt happens right??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The worlds biggest dictator

Well I guess you all heard that Iran’s leader has finally got an international recognition and received the respectful title of the world’s biggest dictator. I guess now it is time for Mike Myers or any other comedian (preferably Iranian) to make a movie out of this very respectful title for him.

don’t you all think so???


You see now that we already had somebody who stands among people like Obama and Nelson Mandela as a Nobel peace prize winner we clearly needed some Iranian to stand next to Hitler ,Stalin and Pol pot, good job lad you did it.


If only Chaplin was still alive…….

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

TARP funds


Yesterday it was in the news that the tarp funds have extra money as much as 200 billion $ in them just because the government policy was good enough so the market did not slope down as much as it was expected before.Now Obama administration wants to use this money or part of it to create jobs ,well first you think this is a perfect choice right? yes it is but if you ask our republican friends they are all against it why because they say it will add up to the budget deficit and the money should go back so it will not add to the deficit well my question is that do you prefer to have deficit now or later?

I mean if the jobless numbers grows further and further don’t you think that at some point government has to do some thing about it any way?so doing some thing means spending some thing and spending money means deficit right? no our republican friends say no government is not there to worry about people it is just there to govern but what is really the meaning of governing then?

To me more people on the jobs means more people paying taxes and more revenue for the government .This is as simple as it is.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Flowers for Iranians

As you see Iranian police as they have promised are offering flowers to Iranian people.when I was living in Iran I was always wondering what the heck are they talking about in their own media?if you would just listen to the Iranian radio and TV and just read their newspapers you think that in this god forsaken land all the people are in love with the big brother (the grand leader) and have nothing to do except praying for his long and prosperous life; what a stupid notion.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama With us or with them?

Many Iranian people here think that Obama has not done any thing to help Iranians.Well let us be clear here who should help Iranians ?? Iranians themselves or Americans?
Iranians have this sick beliefe that whatever happens in Iran is because of what one superpower or another does or does not . Don't we want to finally break this vicious circle and for once believe that making or breaking of Iran is and can only be done by Iranians themselves??

Monday, November 09, 2009

Again it is a very long time that I have not post any thing here.The reason more than any thing else was laziness I can give you a tin of reasons but they will be all false it is just that darn laziness.
Ok enough of that.As I guess whoever in the world who has the slightest interest in Iran and Iranian knows the Green movement is getting more and more intense and powerfull by the minute.And i mean by the minute.
From now on i try to converse more and more the Ideas and messages of this huge movement here and try to investigate it more from an immigrant point of view.