Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I saw that a couple of the bloggers outside and inside of Iran got very angry with this being Emrooz of many bloggers they again for the thousandth time remind us of the crimes of these reformists and what they did in the first years of IRI .Well I do noit want to support reformists many of them should be sent to a just trial and courts should decide about them but what about us?? I mean what good does it do that now that we are all facing a monster named IRI to just stay there and say they are all criminals first of all this is not our right to judge them they should be tried in a fair and just court with Jury present and have the access to all the information to defend themselves and if we want to deny this right for them so then we are just like them .On the other hand well I think even saddam in his prison has the right to post a web log and if somebody wants to deny his right I think we should even defend his right after all isnt freedom of speech what we all seek??and the freedon of speech is for every body even a monster like saddam .Lets think aliitle bit and lets get together to solve our problems in a logical and fair way nit just with shouting names at eachother we are all humans after all.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Today and all this week I will be emrooz too I have no connection to them I even do not like tajzadeh to tell you the truth after all he wants to keep this stupid IRI but I think everybody has the right to talk freely even tajzadeh .

Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Couple of days a go I saw that one of these mullas in the friday prayer has mentioned that Rezazadeh has introduced Abolfazl to world.Well I have no objection that with mentioning abolfazl every time by rezazadeh this will become a case for the western journalists to go and cvheck who is this abolfazl whom his name is always mentiond by the strongest man of the world .Butr I have another concearn here: if after years and years of preaching and waisting peoples money and having millions and millions of mullas and preachers and so on it is up to a weight lifter top introduce an islamic figure to the world what is the purpose of these guys any way isnt it then appropriate to say that these guys are the most useless people of the world whose expiry time has long been passed??why should we keep thses guys any way what benefit do they add to human society? at least you have never heard that a cristian priest has never claimed that paul or mathew have been introduced to the world by an american or italian athlete .

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It is a very long time that i did not blog and many things has happened during this long time after a very long period of waiting Shahla is with me atlast (what a joy) and we are decorating home and it is not easy at all .On the other hand we had chance to see artmis and reza in our trip to LA and talk to amir in Iran.In iran the situation is getting worse and worse there is no happiness and no hope every thing seems so dark that even talking about it is not easy god knows when this finishes but I hope soon.

Any way I hope that I will be more persistant this time and post more regularly.

For people who are nice enough to take a look from time to time please do so more often you might see more interesting things here.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Have you read this new article of Ebrahim Nabavi?? Well I guess most of did .Here he starts talikng to god(as if nobody has done such thing before)well it is very strange from a very distinctive follower of shariaty (or better exfollower)to right such thing .you see god has created us the way that we creat a computer software isnt it stupid to think that a computer software has the right to complain to us why we have created another software to delete a bunch of software with it???I mean god is not our velayateh faghih who is just a small creature like ourselves god is our creator Mr nabavi and he has every right to do whatever he wants to do with us.On the otherhand my friend have you forgotten that only 20 years a go god was totally in your personal team god was the one who was Ghasem and Jabbar??where was your complaints to god when they started killing those poor people in kurdistan or other parts of Iran in the beginning of revoloution??where were your complaints to god or his sign?Ayatollah on earth ??god has created us and given us the choice to be an angel or an evil being an angel or evil is totally our choice do not put the responsibility and shortcomings of mankind on god .We are responsible for whatever happens in this earth nobody else.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Just read this article in Iranemrooz and could not help to write this post.Remember those empty slogans of the first year of revolution ???the class less society of god??? having a society that everybody is equal and who ever who has more decency towards god has more respect ???Now just look at these stupid guys who name themselves as professors here can you believe what they say??can you belive that they suggest people to act according to their class .Werent these same assholes who were suggesting people that the Idea of a social class is created by imperialism and Islam does not have any class in the society??where is that poor country going again and again this shows that Iranian peoiple have to move and move fast mullas are making misarable people from you stop them for heavens sake stop them and soon before they destroyt every thing there.
The death of the poor Director assistant in Iran shows that mullahs have no mercy .After the honey moon years of so called reform now they show the world what they are capable of .Killing and murder as well as nuclear weapon and whatever evil you can think of.Now the question is that how much Iranians want to tolerate this slow proccess of death how mush more do they want to wait for death to grab them it makes no difference if the death comes as an earth quake in a shabby house in a poor city like Bam or comes in the forth floor of an apartment building in the heart of tehran death is deat my friands and it is engulfing people in Iran liuke crazy the life there is not life it is eventual death named life .As I said befire the choice is clearly with Iranian people what do you want??life or death???

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today I was thinking about what Hossein Derakhshan said in his English weblog Regarding the way he was in the khameneyee's room twice and in his interview introducing himself as the sample of todays Iranian young people .Well my question from him is what about people like me and my friends??????I mean we were by no means close to any body in any regime neither imperial or the monarchy regime we were just regular people trying to live a regular life .I myself was a regular talented guy who wrote was hopeful to his future to be bright one with being in alborz highschool not because of any special connection to any body in the government but just because of having a good average score in primary school I was hopefull that I can easily continue my academic aducation in Iran or abroad and have a regular hopefull life .But all these was crushed by Mr derakhshans very close friends and family not that I think derakhshan is to be blamed for this but what I try to say is that now he is trying to say he is the sample oif Iranian youth I just want to say that he is not ,Manyt Iranian young people are just like me.People who have no connection with the governing Mullas people who they themselves or their parrents were disqualified to go to the University just because they were not good moslems people whose marriage wowes has not been told by khameneyee or any body like him.During early eighties the time of massacres in Iran I was very close to be one of those who were executed in those dark years not because I had any political affiliation because I had not but just because in that dark day of attacking Mojahedin in tehran I happened to be in the streets coming back from simin english institute .Just imagine that ,can you even think that some body being arrested and taken to execution just because he was in the street in a wrong time in a wrong place???this happened my friends I was so lucky not to be one of those poor people dying for nothing in that day but I can imagine how many of people like me were killed just because they were there.Now again people like derakhshan even want to kill us the other way they want to even deny our existense I hope that derakhshan reads this blog because I just want to telkl him that we exist Mr derakhshan and if there is any proof to the Slogan oif these reformists and Iran is for all Iranians and one person has one vote you will see that the day this really happens .people like us not like any reformists will take the power easily in Iran because we simply outnumber you guys I promise you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Next week for the fifth time I am going down under to Newzealand .It is getting a regular trip for me but belive it it is not easy at all 5 hour flight from DC to La and then 12 hours to Auckland and then 2 hours to Christ church .Hey guys please pray for me.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

As a person whose both parents were teachers When I heard about the teachers strike in Iran I thought that I have to mention some thing here.I remember the very first year of revolution when my mother was teaching in a high school named Goharshad at that time I do not know it the name is the same or is has been changed to one of the favorite martyrs of Islamic Caliph (it has never been a republic any way) .She was so upset at that time because they were all very experienced teachers over there and all of a sudden the government put a principal for the who had only an associate degree and use to be a house wife all her adult life and all of a sudden she became a principal over there maybe you say that she might have the capabilities and because of the situation before revolution she did not want to work but the problem is that for the whole group of those very experienced people she was just an inexperienced kid with some childish Ideas .She was the first principal in my mothers whole career who wanted to manage the school like an intelligence society and just imagine how damaging it would be to the kids and the whole society and I thing this was the story of all the schools in that time she started to put eyes and ears in every classroom to know what teachers say and I think this situation still goes on that's why our kids have a very sick notion that somebody is always watching them and this is what you can see in the whole country that's what has kept these guys in power and I think maybe if this strike goes on it will finish their power point in schools and that is good news itself.

Good luck all the teachers there may god be with you.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Today I was thinking of the way these dictators live and die and how they feel they are the king of the world .Actually now that I am living in a free country (ok maybe many of you guys out there do not believe in this but tell you the truth I really believe in what I say about this country) I can see more clearly what a dictatorship means .I think the most misarable person in a dictatorship is the dictator himself just take a look at dictators that you know tyhem and the way they leaved and the ones that are dead the way they died .some where not ling ago I read that Khameneyee is so afraid of others that it is a very long time that he has not slept with his wife (he seems to be afraid of even his life partner what do you name this other than misery???) and look at khomeiny he came to Iran to build the first Government Of allah in the earth and look what happende at the end he had to drink the cup of poison and at his last days several letters and orders has been sighned under his name that the poor guy did not even know they exist .They changed the constitution under his name although he was almost dead at that time .But just compair them with american presidents (well again I think any of you might say that they are not that much Democrat also ) Just imagine that with all the things that happened with nixon and all the scandal and his Resighnment he lived a very respectfull life till the end and now nobody insult him or bother his family but look at khomeinis family they are under pressure all the time and living in hell and I assure you that khameneyees family will not be better at all.Any way think about it :The biggest Victim of a dictatorship are not people who live under that hellish regime it is the dictator himself although he thinks otherwise.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

After beiung so much worried and thinking about what is going on in Iran I decided to get involoved in my new land .Last week I went to one of the meetups for Howard Dean The guy seems much much Logical and much much more practical than the presend administration .After all he will not put bible reading sessions in the white house or consider himself having mandate from god (doesn't this remind you some body from Iran??? whoes name happens to be khameneyee???)

Since the day I came to the Us I saw the Democratic party much much closer to my viewpoints and now I see that with in the democratic party also Dean and the people following him are much much more close to what I think is good for me as well as the US and also yes Iran.Hope fully he will get elected........... lets wait and see.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Ok Now you all have it even khatamy after all these years of deception clearly.confessed that he is the president without Authority although tell you the truth even if he had any authority I do not think any thing would change he was ther just to aleviate the movement of people .and he was very very successful I shold admit that in this process Iranian people also got some advantages .First now noone can say I did not knwo all the cards are open now ;second there were some issues that even we as people who were against the mafia from day one did not know .And theirs people now know taht whatever happens ti them come from them.So now my dear fellow Iranians this is the field and this is the ball you are here to play the game you have all the advantages against dictatorship that you can thin of it .the people of the world are with no doubt with you and moist of the governmets follow their people also .So as I said before the choice is yours game is yours to play .You have all the power and the power is in your hands play the game wisely ,very wisely

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Have you seen the pictures of khameneyee when he was visiting bam?? if not I tell you that he was in a some thing very much like a tank the car was not a car actually it had antibomb armors every where he was so frightened that he did not even get out of the car for some time (atleast I did not see any picture from that moment if thgere is some bidy plese let me know.Any way it seems that he really thinks that he has the only gods favorite and has a mandate from god and do not have any responsibility towards people .Now my fellow Iranians here you are the clkear and present Tirant of the Country Mr Ali Khameneyee is in front of your eyes What do you want to do with him ???still allow him to do whatever he like regardless of what he does and the way his actions kill people .The choice is yours now the choice is really yours.