Sunday, May 16, 2004

Have you read this new article of Ebrahim Nabavi?? Well I guess most of did .Here he starts talikng to god(as if nobody has done such thing before)well it is very strange from a very distinctive follower of shariaty (or better exfollower)to right such thing .you see god has created us the way that we creat a computer software isnt it stupid to think that a computer software has the right to complain to us why we have created another software to delete a bunch of software with it???I mean god is not our velayateh faghih who is just a small creature like ourselves god is our creator Mr nabavi and he has every right to do whatever he wants to do with us.On the otherhand my friend have you forgotten that only 20 years a go god was totally in your personal team god was the one who was Ghasem and Jabbar??where was your complaints to god when they started killing those poor people in kurdistan or other parts of Iran in the beginning of revoloution??where were your complaints to god or his sign?Ayatollah on earth ??god has created us and given us the choice to be an angel or an evil being an angel or evil is totally our choice do not put the responsibility and shortcomings of mankind on god .We are responsible for whatever happens in this earth nobody else.

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