Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Well Finally khameneyee went there and yes he was there just for 2 hours now you tell me is 2 hours even enough to hear the name of more than 20000 dead people???who is he fooling here ???and worse than him khatamy had to stay put till he go there first ,Such a childish stupid tradition of mullas that the bigger guy should go sooner and sine the big guy wanted to be there when all the dangers were taken care of khatamy and others obviously could not go there .And then khatamy says that they are there to serve people but Mr khatami you proved for the 100th time that you are there just to serve that guy who thinks that he is the shadow of god on earth you are all messed up even if people in Iran do not do any thing let me tell you this you are not gods special people you are not god sent and you are not men of god you have no right to think that you are gods favorites .After all drug dealers and pimps and robbers can not be gods favorites any way.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Is Tehran Really the next??

When I see the pictures of bam Quake I get so much sad and Deppressed but at the same time the onset of such disaster in tehran gives me a very cold chill .Can you imagine this to happen in Tehran??? and tell you the truth it is very very possible .What we do as Iranians to Handle such disaster???let me tell you,, absolutely nothing, government is just a dirty Mafia and people are still thinking well lets deal with these guys lets go for reform lets wait and wait and wait.But I am telling you now that there is no more time for waiting the situation is going from worse to the worst .I am here sitting in the safe side of the US but thinking of all my fellow iranians makes me really worried but let me tell you that people like me can do very little for you ,you who live in that country should do some thing for yourselves do some move do not wait any more the wait is over and danger is very close bring a government to power which cares for people not stupid slogans of Religion which even they themselves do not belive in .Think about this ,yes just think...

Sunday, December 28, 2003

3 days after the disastrous earth Quake in Bam still khatamy is in doubt to go there or not .Kahmeneyee has just sent a very brief and sensless message and others are just keeping a low profile in that so called government of Iran.Is this s good reason to prove that the whole system is messed up or what?? I remember during the same diusaster in shahs regime altough the poor guy was dealing with that stupid revolition at the same time he still couyld spare some time to go there to see the disaster first hand .He was the shah and he had no official responsibility (In the constitution at least but still was man enough to go there buy himself but these guys ,,, well when I see them I get ashamed of thinking that they are Iranians just like me.What a shame ;What a shame.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Due to some major problems in our company I was damn busy for the last few days the only thing that I can tell you about it is that if you are supporting a data as well as a voice network do not go for Voice over IP it will make your life miserable.

Friday, November 14, 2003

I just found this first Scifi Iranian web club take a look they are doing a really good job over there: 7th Dimention is the name of the site
Hey good news; somebody got more stable here and you and I both know who she is .So just congradulations and good luck.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

It is a long time since my last post and many things happened Nobel peace prize foir shirin ebady with a huge wave of happiness among iranians (hey me too) and the stupid reaction of Mr Khatamy (he used to be peoples president now he is leaders pet ).In Iran it seems that the hopelessness is getting more and more deep and people every where are getting more and more nervous and feel the miserable Well the only way out is among themselves we who wre out can not and will not do much other than sitting and telling their story to the rest of the world ,Yesterday I was talking to some of my friends who are very close to the US government they were telling me that the general belief in the Administration is that IRI will colapose it self and there is noi need for any outside intervention I hope that this is the truth and it will rea;lly happen .Werll here they hope that this will happen within next year and IRI will be in history trashcan in 2005 but god knows maybe they are all wrong after all they used to think that Shah will be there forever and we know that they were very wrong; weren't they??

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I was just reading Ebrahim nabavi About Mohsen Sazegara .I like the way he writes Comedy but when he becomes serious man that is totally moving.The point is that day by day the situation changes from worse to worst there.Every day people's life gets more and more miserable god knows when this tragedy finishes.Who ever reads this article please think abour it please know that we who are outside Iran and are living in a free country should do some thing I am doing as much as I can since I am living in the diplomacy center of the US in Washington DC But I think all my Blogger friends should see what we can do collectively.

Think and think again.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

No one knows what is god's will .Those who judge others by god think that they know god's will better than others.This has always happend by somebody who has the upper hand or tries to keep people in darkness.god has never expressed his will in modern Issues.

Cristopher Hedin

Proffessor of Religions history in Stockholm University

From his article: The Controversial return of God

Written in Swenska Doug bladt Newspaper

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ok this is the third time that I have to explain some thing to artmis this time regarding this article

I remember when I was in the university there was a guy over there who had just a BSc in phisical therapy and working as a Proffessor aid there.Less than a year later he got his MSc in phisical therapy (I should remind you that at that time Phisical therapy had no MSc course in Iran and thsi guy never left Iran to go to any where else for the Continuation of his education .Just after we finished Our Two year Degree and went for Military service which means 1 and a half year later he became a PHD and started working as a full time professor in the university.So as you see the guy got his PHD in less than 2 years after getting his BSc so what do you expect from such nice people???knowledge?????thouthfull speeches???? well if you think like that , there is some thing wrong with the way you think and you have to change it .On the other hand you have to add to this situation the way he wants to tell the governmet that he is their slave and do whatever they want to keep this sleazy job of his; what do you expect the poor guy even can say that Yogurt is black if he thinks it is good for his career. So do not take his advices so seriously and I am sure all other Good fellow bloggers also know who and what they are dealing with.After all as they say the moon shines and the dog barks.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

In my last Posting I had a shout out from artmis telling me that she was not involved in bringing these monsters to power .Well I accept I was not involved too but well a nation is just like a team what we do as a nation will effect all of us and good or bad whaever happens they say Iranians did this or iranians did that even being outside the country does not change any thing if you ask some people who where here in tyime of Hostage Crisis you will understand that ameriucans used to look at all of us the way they looked at the hostage takers, it is good or bad??? I should say it all depends .If Iran was a successful democracy trying to Improve the culture and civilization well it was good as it was duriong shah regim but if iran is what it is now well it is not that much good. As you see there is no way out of this situation I mean whatever happens in that poor country of ours we will be involved so thats why I say that we were all involved in culturing Wind and now harvesting Storm I hope that I could clear what I ment the other time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ok I know that it is a long time since my last posting but well I was down under in newzealand and it was not easy to get to the web there but now that I am back the first thing thaty got my attention was artmis article regarding meshkiny and what he thinks about women .Well for her information and all other friends that might see my blog I refference you all to this article in this article he clearly describes creatures like meshkini and how naive are we if we expect such buffalos can tell us the datde of charshanbeh soory.Artmis finds his words offending but please be more frank with ourselves atleast ,I think that first we should blame ourselves and our previuos generation that thought such animals can be men of god after all if you go to jungle and a wolf kills you you are the one who should be blamed who went to jungle without neccessary precaution this is exactly what Iranians did 24 years ago and well this is the result.when you culture wind you will harvest storm.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Today I just read the Article Of my good friend ( he mentions I also look at him as friend and hoper that it is not one way because az baba taher says "keh yek sar mehreboony dardeh sar by" .first of all this article remninded me one of the parts of dayee jon napoleon if you remember once mash ghasem was telling the story of a traslator and how the "Ingilisa " said just a word like: "fasalakh" and the translator or as he used to say his Dilmaj was translating of r more than half an hour and at the end he said that he forgot the rest.This time also my 3 line article had a very long reply and I am so happy about that that I want toi reply even larger and follow the mash ghasem example .Well I totally agree with what he says about strawberry Strawbery can be very very useful or as he mentions painfull to the point that you want to get rid of it even if the price is your Visa .Bau the point is some thing else even the price of life as I said I do not think that it is cheap but as he mentioned some times the price of life can be easily as low as a pound of strawberry but I do not think that any of us is ready to sell his or her life for strawbery do we?I mean in normal situation not when for example you are dying of thirst or hunger as you say life is priceless and nobody can say how much but well my friend think about it do you really think that the people whose only problem here is the taste of strawberry understand what is going on??I mean these strawberry Immigrants that unfortunately their number is not that much small really know what they want from their life I know that you are not one of them if one day you choose to come here or Migrate some where else but what I meant was to remind them if you want to take the burden of Immigration just do not think of it as a strawberry and the taste of it.Immigration has never been easy and the people who chose to leave their fatherland had always had huge problems and it is still so I think you know many stories of the problems of iimmigrants here and there it is not just like" mamal the American" who thought that US is the heaven of earth and every thing will be alright noting will be alright if you think of it like that and if you think that the only problem of Immigrants there is the taste of strawberry.But why do they take such burden??I simply can not talk about others but can tell you my own reasoning.1979 revolution was not my choice but I had two problems then, first I was in minority and second I was a minor myself.People who thouth they know wevery thing lead teh country to what we see today.At fiorst since just like now I had a big mouth I thought now that they say this revolution is the revolution of words maybe I can stay and talk my way out and maybe who knows one day I can convince people and make the minority a majority as what happens every day in many countris .But later I saw that the revolution of words became the revolution of arms and prison and.......again I thought Ok I am not political and these guys might oine day understand that this is not the way and they will come back from what they are doing now.But then these guys started to control every thing and I mean every thing .What you wear where you go what you eat and so on and you knwo the story better than me because you are still living in such situation I mean just think about it these people want to control the miost private aspects of our lives and I could not tolerate it some could but not me.then I said ok you can not have the slithest personal freedom here and also you can not do any thing to change it because these guys have no mercy and will kill you just like that.what remained was immigration and that was why with all the problems I was pushing to come here for more than 12 years.I think this explanation is enough to tell you why I think strawberry immigrants have to think of what they are doing and then decide about their life here or there.

And why my site name is immigrant???it is easy because I am an immigrant arn,t I?????good or bad this is one of the adjectives that my name has with it just liek yours as a new groom or like artmis as a traveller or lets say Pilgrim .

And whay I right in english??well this is easy too I have no Idea about Unicode (what a shame for a computer tech )and on the other hand I have never learned to type farsi and that is another problem so as you see I had no choice .

So I hope that I had given you enought explanation about why did I right that Article and hope that one day we meet some where and can discuss these matters together I think it would be a very nice discussion.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Well Well Well , It seems that after all artmis has come to her senses and understands that The land of the great satan is a better place to lkive .Congaradulations artmis welcome home:):):):)welcome to the land of opportunity.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Again and again I was reading the Baghys report about the number of the people who were killed during the last 15 years of Monarchy in Iran and again and again I feel that my generation and the generations after me have every right to blame our previus generetion for such a mess that they made in Our country .I mean even behnoud in his last article agrees some how taht they made a big mistake.He says that well it was shahs fault who did not give freedom oif press so people could know what is really going on and not to fall for the biggest lie of the 20th century.I have no contest with him in this matter I mean for regular people it is absolutely right but what about teh elite paqrt of the society after all they were the ones that became the shepperd of this Flock and lead people toi this mess .What about Students who were the members of confederation here in the US couldnt they just for a change go ahead and check to see of there are really that many victims of shahs regim???don't take me wrong shah was not that much important in that regime after all he was the head of the country and he knoiew that his smallest mistake will have some serious results for him and his family but what really happende was the destruction of a very well stablished system that more or less was working flawlessly and leave the country in the midst od caos and anarchy ,that even today after 24 years people over there are dealing with.But still there are some people who look at this mess as the Great revolution of people against the criminal regime of shah to this guys I can only say shame on you dont you think that in the year 2003 with all these information sources and the internet enough is enough who do you want to fool you destroyed a workind and well breed system that could easily be reformed to a democratic regiume and opened the way for one of the darkest regimes that has ever governed in Iran and still name it the great revolution????

But all these is old story I mean now unfortunately there is no chance to unwind the clock of tiome as behnoud says in his article and send a wise man back to 1976 to openup shahs eyes and as I thinkl open up peoples eyes .What about now what should we do now ???well for us that are livimg abroad and have a more or less free and easy life I think we have to do whatever we think we can to help to open up more eyes here or there still many americans think that Iran is what mullas want to show it is.this should be changed and on the other hand we might be able to do some lobbying for world governments to support peoples movements ther.And for people back in Iran well I think the best suggestion is to have an open eye do not fall for any body like khomeiny again .try to find good leaders trust them but as americans say :trust but verify.

Friday, August 08, 2003

They say that Ali once said that Life means your Creed and the challenge you accept for it.Seems to be a very wise Idea although I am not sure that this is really from him.You know Iranians are perfect Imposters .whan they want to convince people with their words they always use the name of imams or important people to give the word some power thats why I am always doubtfull about these wise words from Imams.Any way he was right in his time maybe but in modern life and time if we want to interprete these words it should be some thing like this:liufe means having a goal and putting all your efforts to reach your goal.For me Immigration was a big goal and for 12 years this was what I was living with then when after this long time I at last reached my goal life became very hollow for me a goal less man is a lifeless man then after Quite some time now that I understand the meaning of life here in the new world I understand the meaning of money here trying to make money here is not what we belive in Iran .These people are not Cruel imperialists who do every thing to make more and more money .For them making money means creating job for their fellow citizens .For example you all know that bill gates is the reachest man of the world but have you ever thought that how many people have good jobs just because people like him and others in Information business are what they are??is this fair to say that these guys are rootless imperialists???

making money is not always bad if you are making money just like Mullahs kids in Iran sure you are just a parasite ;but if making money means creating job for others and saving lives here and there I think this is the most sacred goal that any body can have in his or her life.what do you think???

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I was reading the .article from emad eddin baghy regarding the number of the people killed in Iran from 1342 till the end of revolution in 1357 it seems that the whole thing was much much less than what they always tried to convey to people again and again.the real nimber seems to be 3164 ,as you see this number is really much much less than the number of just the massacre of 1367.now My Questiuon from my previuos crazy generation is that whay the hell did you revolt???what did you acheive with this revolution??Freedom???Democracy??Islam???khomeiny oince said that shah destroyed the cities and filled out the grave yards well I think this was his own mission that he was trying to name it as shahs job

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Last week My mother sold our summer house in north of tehran close to a city named fasham.All of my friends knwo the place as chechen this was a little tough for me I mean selling every thing else was not a big deal but this one was the only place that I felt some how a close relationship to it the phisical place was not an issue the fact that I had many many good memories of that place with all my good friends makes me sad now that it is gone but well as sidney sheldone says noting lasts forever.lets move on ,god knows maybe one day soon I will find another chechen in this part of the world and collect back all those good friends again .one of them is already here and struggling;; good luck artmis.Viva chechnia

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Hope is alive till god is alive .Never ever loose hope.

Monday, July 21, 2003

I was reading the blog of one of Artmis's Friends blogs about Immigration and taste of strawberry .The only thing that I can say to him and my other friends is that if the notion of life and happiness is as sleazy as the tast of a strawberry , I am sorry to say that but there is some thing very very wrong here either life is a very cheap Pheanomenon or we think of it like that or maybe problem is somewhere else just think about it.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

I was reading hoders log about this future leaders of Iran and the fact that he finds this proposition funny well some of these people in the list I can not agree more some people like karroobu=y can never be a leader in future iran any way first since he is so old for tha task and second since he is too involved in the regim's Illegal affairs in Martyr foundation but lets think about it what is wroing with loghmanian for example??first let me remind you taht what we need for future Iran is a democratic leader not aDictator leader like shah or khomeini or not even banisadr who could not cooperat with the forces that good or bad at his time were present and he had to deal with them and frankly he failed what we want is some body who while keep a good leadership can have the power of negotiation with different factions in order to reach a conclution towards the aim of the voters and loghmanian has proved that he can perform such task.I mean he at the same time could satisfy his voters and also negotiate with teh most visios fundumentals in parliment so whay not loghmanian???

And then we reach agha jary as we all know he has broiught a new vision towards political islam just like what benjamin frankliun did to the american democracy so whay he can not be a part of irans future leadership??? again I should remind my friends that teh leadership in future iran is a democratic leadership not a dictaror leadership so there is no problem if all these guys just like adams and washington and jefferson and madison can not each one of them take the ledership of the country .Regarding reza pahlavy ,well I have my doubts I think that although he always wants to show his prodemocracy face but deep down he can not be a democrat and the reason is not his hearitage frankly I do noty give a damn who his father was but what Is important for me is that he claims that he supports a refferandom for people to choose their future regime my Question from him is that in the year 1358 when all Iranian people in a referandom voted to finish the monarchy regime why a year later he named hiomself a shah???I agree that the refferandom was not accurate at all and the result of 98% of people voting in favor of islamic republic was ridiculous but non the less it was good enough to show that the majority of people (majority in a democracy means 50% +1) want the regime change .So this makes me really Cynical about mr Pahlavy.But to the list of those two guys that I mentioned who can be the member of the leadership team of Iran I want to Add Akbar Ganjy Also .As we all know his last book which was written in Evin Prison can easily be used as a base of the future constitution Of Iran.I will talk about this matter more later but I really like to have others Ideas in this matter.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

A good friend of mine has put some doubts wether we are immigrants or refugees .Talking about myself I consider myself an immigrant.The Civilization as we know of, in Iran started with a big Immigration of Arians from india towards west, some decided to go south to Iran Plato and some went towards north and west to go to Europe .Even after that every time teh big turning points of human history has always been along with big immigrations the immigration of moses and his people then the immigration of Muhammad and this story goes on .Just imagine that the big immigration of people towards US would not happen during 18th and 19th centuries .I know that not every thing about US is good US has many many bad and negative aspects .But we should all agree that without US the world would not have been the way it is now .I mean we all enjoy hollywood movies as well as what know as informatic revolution .The other aspect is that US has initiated a notion of freedom that did not exist before.So as you see there are more to immigration than what we think.Loook at your self as immigrants because Immigration is a choice while being a refugee is a mandate so which one do you like more?? mandate or choice??

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Today I was watching a documentary of life and achievements of Alfred Hitchkock .It was very interesting but the point for me was that just imagine what is important about human beings??I mean is he really important? he was just a small being in a small planet in a small solar system in a very very large universe , why we humans think that we are really important here ? is there any body out there who can answer my Question??

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A good friend found this blog he is in london and this is his blog.Thanks again mojtaba please if you like my blog tell your friends about me too.
Well atlast today was 18 of tir and as I was guessing there was not that much unrest in Iran.Well when in war it is very stupid to just attack the time that enemy expects you to even the most stupid war lord knows this so I think the real struggle comes later but the most interesting point this time was the some how alliance of all the Iranians in exile I think although there was still some clash of interests here and there the main pint that every body is having one common point of view and that is the democracy and Human rights for future iran means a very positive step towards a better Iran.Hope to see a free and democratic Iran soon.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Well it is the end of the 4th of july weekend here .Doing noting during these three days the only big thing is that I started the SQL book it is really interesting hope that I can understand and become an expert in this database business this is really avery new world for me and I think I can have a better job opportunity when I get to know it.And in Iran 18 of Tir is upon us .it seems that jack straw has Warned mullahs not to interfere with peoples uprising and try to kill othem otherwise the whole world comuynity will rise against them well lets wait and see the day is really important if people come out and really mullas do not do any thing this will be the milestone of future demonstrations and strikes .Lets wait and see.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Iran is again on the headlines of all the western media, people again surprised the world the only thing that can be predicted in iran is rightfully the trutht that noting is predictable now after almost amonth of the start of the new uprising people still are very pussled here and there some like behnood are still very Cynical about it and think that it will go nowhere and some like noorizadeh and others think that thats it this is the beggining of the end of the IRI god knows but whatever happens there I think one thing is going to happen sooner or later .People ther will prevail and are prevainling even now the only problem is that IRI leaders think that they are leading people but let me tell you guys people are driving you here and there you are not going any where people will foirce you wherever they want that has happened many times and will happen again.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

It is almost one month that I have not written here I was so busy and so tired to do so.But during this month many thgings has happened :the uprising of people and students in Iran and the attak of Hezbolahhies to them has brought hopes and smiles back to the lips of many Iranians back home and here every body is excited and Anxios.Is it really the beginning of the end of IRI?? god knows but atleast hope is back and this is good by itself.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Yesterday I talked to artmis again .Well she is so worried about Iran I am worried to but I am worried just for their sake I mean peoples sake but for my self well my interests in Iran are very limited now maybe some time later when this situation goes away and I can think more clearly I can have a better look at Iran but for now I am just worried for my friends and relatives hope that my mother will be out soon.

Friday, June 06, 2003

well after 15000 Iranian bloggers being in the web already it seems that its about time although I am not completely Iranian any more but well who can forget 32 years of his life in a very very old land and now that he is in a very new land without more than 400 years of written history??

America is really tha land fo opprtunity but not for every body .For me it was a very Hospitable land this land gave me the integrity that my own land denied me so why should I still consider myself totally Iranian???dont get me wrong I still have a very worried mind for Iran and what is happening for my people but well lets be honest these people have to do some thing about their situaation themselves waiting for a heavenly hand top come and take care Mullas does not seem to be a very good Idea there is no miraculous hand there whatever should happenh Iranians shoud make it happpen this is the ultimate solution.