Monday, December 29, 2003

Is Tehran Really the next??

When I see the pictures of bam Quake I get so much sad and Deppressed but at the same time the onset of such disaster in tehran gives me a very cold chill .Can you imagine this to happen in Tehran??? and tell you the truth it is very very possible .What we do as Iranians to Handle such disaster???let me tell you,, absolutely nothing, government is just a dirty Mafia and people are still thinking well lets deal with these guys lets go for reform lets wait and wait and wait.But I am telling you now that there is no more time for waiting the situation is going from worse to the worst .I am here sitting in the safe side of the US but thinking of all my fellow iranians makes me really worried but let me tell you that people like me can do very little for you ,you who live in that country should do some thing for yourselves do some move do not wait any more the wait is over and danger is very close bring a government to power which cares for people not stupid slogans of Religion which even they themselves do not belive in .Think about this ,yes just think...

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