Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Well Finally khameneyee went there and yes he was there just for 2 hours now you tell me is 2 hours even enough to hear the name of more than 20000 dead people???who is he fooling here ???and worse than him khatamy had to stay put till he go there first ,Such a childish stupid tradition of mullas that the bigger guy should go sooner and sine the big guy wanted to be there when all the dangers were taken care of khatamy and others obviously could not go there .And then khatamy says that they are there to serve people but Mr khatami you proved for the 100th time that you are there just to serve that guy who thinks that he is the shadow of god on earth you are all messed up even if people in Iran do not do any thing let me tell you this you are not gods special people you are not god sent and you are not men of god you have no right to think that you are gods favorites .After all drug dealers and pimps and robbers can not be gods favorites any way.

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