Monday, June 09, 2003

Yesterday I talked to artmis again .Well she is so worried about Iran I am worried to but I am worried just for their sake I mean peoples sake but for my self well my interests in Iran are very limited now maybe some time later when this situation goes away and I can think more clearly I can have a better look at Iran but for now I am just worried for my friends and relatives hope that my mother will be out soon.

Friday, June 06, 2003

well after 15000 Iranian bloggers being in the web already it seems that its about time although I am not completely Iranian any more but well who can forget 32 years of his life in a very very old land and now that he is in a very new land without more than 400 years of written history??

America is really tha land fo opprtunity but not for every body .For me it was a very Hospitable land this land gave me the integrity that my own land denied me so why should I still consider myself totally Iranian???dont get me wrong I still have a very worried mind for Iran and what is happening for my people but well lets be honest these people have to do some thing about their situaation themselves waiting for a heavenly hand top come and take care Mullas does not seem to be a very good Idea there is no miraculous hand there whatever should happenh Iranians shoud make it happpen this is the ultimate solution.