Monday, February 28, 2005

Have you read this article by Ebrahim Nabavi .Well for me although I knew many of his examples but it really was an eye opener.I mean look at us aren't we really messed up our selves??On top of all the examples that he gives us in this really fantastic article I can give you another one:we all know that using seatbelt during riding a car is a common sense to save our lives right??? Wrong your fellow citizens even here in the US do not like to use it ;Why well nabavi has explained it in a very eloquent way .I just like nabavi think that our problem is our selves what we believe is right and wrong and in one word lets face it our culture is not fir for living in this world at this time .maybe it was good for a hundred year ago but not now lets try to find ways to solve this huge problem that is killing us one way or another lets think about it.I will talk about this more.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Long time ago when our country was engulfed by revolution when the first parliamentary election was on the way ,I remember one of a very welcoming signs that was just for the poor candidate not to be elected by people; in the leaflet you could read some thing like this: We support Mr .... The popular party(toodeh) of Iran.This was absolutely enough for the poor candidate to collect all the hatred of people in that time who by different means still remembered the role of this party in the cue against mosadegh and obviously hated it.
now just imagine that the same thing is being applied to freedom and democracy just look at this article in my dear friends blog regarding Michael leaden and president Bush and other republicans in the US politics.
My answer to these friend and others like hossein Derakhshan is that dear friend don't you think this way is some how crazy to object an idea just because it is being said by Ledeen or Bush ??Derakhshan might be very young to remember the fear of Iraq war or the bombardments or the war of cities or missiles but I am not I sure remember the fear of those days and some how can imagine what will a shock and awe campaign brings to Tehran or Isfahan or other Iranian cities but lets be practical friends first of all the bombs are not fallen yet and there is a long way to reach to that Point second we as Iranians are the only people who can instead of looking at this situation as a danger make an opportunity out of it .I mean who is there not to know that ledeen and bush are following their own agenda??But hey this was the case all the time wasn't it??Wasn't it the case during Iran's revolution for Americans I mean obviously Iranian revolution some how was against American agenda at that time but in Practice they were able to use the opportunity for their own benefit and we know that they did it the best way we know?? Can't we as Iranians be atleast once just like them I mean lets face it should we abandon our perusing of freedom and democracy just because Ledeen and Bush say we support democracy in Iran.This good friend talks about the rallies in Tehran that tens of thousands of people took part to say no to the US here he is wrong again lets look at this from a statistical point of view .Tens of thousands means at most the number of people was 100000 but the problem is that Teheran's population is somewhere between 12 to 15 million and considering the fact that the population of country is 70 million it means that almost 17-20% of population live in Tehran so out of lets say 17% of population just almost 100000 people took part in this show so with a simple calculation we can say that the number of people against US and supporting such point of view can be:600000 people you might say Ok people in Tehran are different and they are so fed up with the regime and in other cities and villages it will be different(that we know it is not like that )ok we just double this figure ... Again we reach to a number of 1200000
lets be more generous and say 2000000 people think the way you think then just look at it 68 million people are against this point of View aren't they??
Good friend of mine please when you start doing some thing like sending a letter to Ledeen and messing up yourself and others please think it really the way to deal with this Issue I mean ok you sent an email to Ledeen and he sent a not so polite reply to you so what ??what did you gain from this?? lets look at this issue from another point of View:
For 8 years all the freedom seekers in Iran and all the bloggers and all the journalists And all in all ;all the people of Iran put a huge pressure on the system to change we know this but look at the result :What happened other than having prisons full of journalists and even many of them in graveyards??And then just Imagine just one word from Bush and it pushed Rafsanjany to openly come out and say that he intends to change constitution to limitate Leaders Powers .If this does not mean any thing what does??
My dear friend opportunities come very late and go very soon lets use them to the best of our selves and our people not just destroy them because it comes from bush or ledeen or any body else lets grab them and use them to the best of our ability to create a better future for ourselves and our kids.