Monday, February 28, 2005

Have you read this article by Ebrahim Nabavi .Well for me although I knew many of his examples but it really was an eye opener.I mean look at us aren't we really messed up our selves??On top of all the examples that he gives us in this really fantastic article I can give you another one:we all know that using seatbelt during riding a car is a common sense to save our lives right??? Wrong your fellow citizens even here in the US do not like to use it ;Why well nabavi has explained it in a very eloquent way .I just like nabavi think that our problem is our selves what we believe is right and wrong and in one word lets face it our culture is not fir for living in this world at this time .maybe it was good for a hundred year ago but not now lets try to find ways to solve this huge problem that is killing us one way or another lets think about it.I will talk about this more.

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