Tuesday, September 30, 2003

No one knows what is god's will .Those who judge others by god think that they know god's will better than others.This has always happend by somebody who has the upper hand or tries to keep people in darkness.god has never expressed his will in modern Issues.

Cristopher Hedin

Proffessor of Religions history in Stockholm University

From his article: The Controversial return of God

Written in Swenska Doug bladt Newspaper

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ok this is the third time that I have to explain some thing to artmis this time regarding this article

I remember when I was in the university there was a guy over there who had just a BSc in phisical therapy and working as a Proffessor aid there.Less than a year later he got his MSc in phisical therapy (I should remind you that at that time Phisical therapy had no MSc course in Iran and thsi guy never left Iran to go to any where else for the Continuation of his education .Just after we finished Our Two year Degree and went for Military service which means 1 and a half year later he became a PHD and started working as a full time professor in the university.So as you see the guy got his PHD in less than 2 years after getting his BSc so what do you expect from such nice people???knowledge?????thouthfull speeches???? well if you think like that , there is some thing wrong with the way you think and you have to change it .On the other hand you have to add to this situation the way he wants to tell the governmet that he is their slave and do whatever they want to keep this sleazy job of his; what do you expect the poor guy even can say that Yogurt is black if he thinks it is good for his career. So do not take his advices so seriously and I am sure all other Good fellow bloggers also know who and what they are dealing with.After all as they say the moon shines and the dog barks.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

In my last Posting I had a shout out from artmis telling me that she was not involved in bringing these monsters to power .Well I accept I was not involved too but well a nation is just like a team what we do as a nation will effect all of us and good or bad whaever happens they say Iranians did this or iranians did that even being outside the country does not change any thing if you ask some people who where here in tyime of Hostage Crisis you will understand that ameriucans used to look at all of us the way they looked at the hostage takers, it is good or bad??? I should say it all depends .If Iran was a successful democracy trying to Improve the culture and civilization well it was good as it was duriong shah regim but if iran is what it is now well it is not that much good. As you see there is no way out of this situation I mean whatever happens in that poor country of ours we will be involved so thats why I say that we were all involved in culturing Wind and now harvesting Storm I hope that I could clear what I ment the other time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ok I know that it is a long time since my last posting but well I was down under in newzealand and it was not easy to get to the web there but now that I am back the first thing thaty got my attention was artmis article regarding meshkiny and what he thinks about women .Well for her information and all other friends that might see my blog I refference you all to this article in this article he clearly describes creatures like meshkini and how naive are we if we expect such buffalos can tell us the datde of charshanbeh soory.Artmis finds his words offending but please be more frank with ourselves atleast ,I think that first we should blame ourselves and our previuos generation that thought such animals can be men of god after all if you go to jungle and a wolf kills you you are the one who should be blamed who went to jungle without neccessary precaution this is exactly what Iranians did 24 years ago and well this is the result.when you culture wind you will harvest storm.