Sunday, September 28, 2003

In my last Posting I had a shout out from artmis telling me that she was not involved in bringing these monsters to power .Well I accept I was not involved too but well a nation is just like a team what we do as a nation will effect all of us and good or bad whaever happens they say Iranians did this or iranians did that even being outside the country does not change any thing if you ask some people who where here in tyime of Hostage Crisis you will understand that ameriucans used to look at all of us the way they looked at the hostage takers, it is good or bad??? I should say it all depends .If Iran was a successful democracy trying to Improve the culture and civilization well it was good as it was duriong shah regim but if iran is what it is now well it is not that much good. As you see there is no way out of this situation I mean whatever happens in that poor country of ours we will be involved so thats why I say that we were all involved in culturing Wind and now harvesting Storm I hope that I could clear what I ment the other time.

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