Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ok I know that it is a long time since my last posting but well I was down under in newzealand and it was not easy to get to the web there but now that I am back the first thing thaty got my attention was artmis article regarding meshkiny and what he thinks about women .Well for her information and all other friends that might see my blog I refference you all to this article in this article he clearly describes creatures like meshkini and how naive are we if we expect such buffalos can tell us the datde of charshanbeh soory.Artmis finds his words offending but please be more frank with ourselves atleast ,I think that first we should blame ourselves and our previuos generation that thought such animals can be men of god after all if you go to jungle and a wolf kills you you are the one who should be blamed who went to jungle without neccessary precaution this is exactly what Iranians did 24 years ago and well this is the result.when you culture wind you will harvest storm.

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