Saturday, August 30, 2003

Today I just read the Article Of my good friend ( he mentions I also look at him as friend and hoper that it is not one way because az baba taher says "keh yek sar mehreboony dardeh sar by" .first of all this article remninded me one of the parts of dayee jon napoleon if you remember once mash ghasem was telling the story of a traslator and how the "Ingilisa " said just a word like: "fasalakh" and the translator or as he used to say his Dilmaj was translating of r more than half an hour and at the end he said that he forgot the rest.This time also my 3 line article had a very long reply and I am so happy about that that I want toi reply even larger and follow the mash ghasem example .Well I totally agree with what he says about strawberry Strawbery can be very very useful or as he mentions painfull to the point that you want to get rid of it even if the price is your Visa .Bau the point is some thing else even the price of life as I said I do not think that it is cheap but as he mentioned some times the price of life can be easily as low as a pound of strawberry but I do not think that any of us is ready to sell his or her life for strawbery do we?I mean in normal situation not when for example you are dying of thirst or hunger as you say life is priceless and nobody can say how much but well my friend think about it do you really think that the people whose only problem here is the taste of strawberry understand what is going on??I mean these strawberry Immigrants that unfortunately their number is not that much small really know what they want from their life I know that you are not one of them if one day you choose to come here or Migrate some where else but what I meant was to remind them if you want to take the burden of Immigration just do not think of it as a strawberry and the taste of it.Immigration has never been easy and the people who chose to leave their fatherland had always had huge problems and it is still so I think you know many stories of the problems of iimmigrants here and there it is not just like" mamal the American" who thought that US is the heaven of earth and every thing will be alright noting will be alright if you think of it like that and if you think that the only problem of Immigrants there is the taste of strawberry.But why do they take such burden??I simply can not talk about others but can tell you my own reasoning.1979 revolution was not my choice but I had two problems then, first I was in minority and second I was a minor myself.People who thouth they know wevery thing lead teh country to what we see today.At fiorst since just like now I had a big mouth I thought now that they say this revolution is the revolution of words maybe I can stay and talk my way out and maybe who knows one day I can convince people and make the minority a majority as what happens every day in many countris .But later I saw that the revolution of words became the revolution of arms and prison and.......again I thought Ok I am not political and these guys might oine day understand that this is not the way and they will come back from what they are doing now.But then these guys started to control every thing and I mean every thing .What you wear where you go what you eat and so on and you knwo the story better than me because you are still living in such situation I mean just think about it these people want to control the miost private aspects of our lives and I could not tolerate it some could but not me.then I said ok you can not have the slithest personal freedom here and also you can not do any thing to change it because these guys have no mercy and will kill you just like that.what remained was immigration and that was why with all the problems I was pushing to come here for more than 12 years.I think this explanation is enough to tell you why I think strawberry immigrants have to think of what they are doing and then decide about their life here or there.

And why my site name is immigrant???it is easy because I am an immigrant arn,t I?????good or bad this is one of the adjectives that my name has with it just liek yours as a new groom or like artmis as a traveller or lets say Pilgrim .

And whay I right in english??well this is easy too I have no Idea about Unicode (what a shame for a computer tech )and on the other hand I have never learned to type farsi and that is another problem so as you see I had no choice .

So I hope that I had given you enought explanation about why did I right that Article and hope that one day we meet some where and can discuss these matters together I think it would be a very nice discussion.

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