Sunday, August 10, 2003

Again and again I was reading the Baghys report about the number of the people who were killed during the last 15 years of Monarchy in Iran and again and again I feel that my generation and the generations after me have every right to blame our previus generetion for such a mess that they made in Our country .I mean even behnoud in his last article agrees some how taht they made a big mistake.He says that well it was shahs fault who did not give freedom oif press so people could know what is really going on and not to fall for the biggest lie of the 20th century.I have no contest with him in this matter I mean for regular people it is absolutely right but what about teh elite paqrt of the society after all they were the ones that became the shepperd of this Flock and lead people toi this mess .What about Students who were the members of confederation here in the US couldnt they just for a change go ahead and check to see of there are really that many victims of shahs regim???don't take me wrong shah was not that much important in that regime after all he was the head of the country and he knoiew that his smallest mistake will have some serious results for him and his family but what really happende was the destruction of a very well stablished system that more or less was working flawlessly and leave the country in the midst od caos and anarchy ,that even today after 24 years people over there are dealing with.But still there are some people who look at this mess as the Great revolution of people against the criminal regime of shah to this guys I can only say shame on you dont you think that in the year 2003 with all these information sources and the internet enough is enough who do you want to fool you destroyed a workind and well breed system that could easily be reformed to a democratic regiume and opened the way for one of the darkest regimes that has ever governed in Iran and still name it the great revolution????

But all these is old story I mean now unfortunately there is no chance to unwind the clock of tiome as behnoud says in his article and send a wise man back to 1976 to openup shahs eyes and as I thinkl open up peoples eyes .What about now what should we do now ???well for us that are livimg abroad and have a more or less free and easy life I think we have to do whatever we think we can to help to open up more eyes here or there still many americans think that Iran is what mullas want to show it is.this should be changed and on the other hand we might be able to do some lobbying for world governments to support peoples movements ther.And for people back in Iran well I think the best suggestion is to have an open eye do not fall for any body like khomeiny again .try to find good leaders trust them but as americans say :trust but verify.

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