Friday, August 08, 2003

They say that Ali once said that Life means your Creed and the challenge you accept for it.Seems to be a very wise Idea although I am not sure that this is really from him.You know Iranians are perfect Imposters .whan they want to convince people with their words they always use the name of imams or important people to give the word some power thats why I am always doubtfull about these wise words from Imams.Any way he was right in his time maybe but in modern life and time if we want to interprete these words it should be some thing like this:liufe means having a goal and putting all your efforts to reach your goal.For me Immigration was a big goal and for 12 years this was what I was living with then when after this long time I at last reached my goal life became very hollow for me a goal less man is a lifeless man then after Quite some time now that I understand the meaning of life here in the new world I understand the meaning of money here trying to make money here is not what we belive in Iran .These people are not Cruel imperialists who do every thing to make more and more money .For them making money means creating job for their fellow citizens .For example you all know that bill gates is the reachest man of the world but have you ever thought that how many people have good jobs just because people like him and others in Information business are what they are??is this fair to say that these guys are rootless imperialists???

making money is not always bad if you are making money just like Mullahs kids in Iran sure you are just a parasite ;but if making money means creating job for others and saving lives here and there I think this is the most sacred goal that any body can have in his or her life.what do you think???

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