Monday, September 29, 2003

Ok this is the third time that I have to explain some thing to artmis this time regarding this article

I remember when I was in the university there was a guy over there who had just a BSc in phisical therapy and working as a Proffessor aid there.Less than a year later he got his MSc in phisical therapy (I should remind you that at that time Phisical therapy had no MSc course in Iran and thsi guy never left Iran to go to any where else for the Continuation of his education .Just after we finished Our Two year Degree and went for Military service which means 1 and a half year later he became a PHD and started working as a full time professor in the university.So as you see the guy got his PHD in less than 2 years after getting his BSc so what do you expect from such nice people???knowledge?????thouthfull speeches???? well if you think like that , there is some thing wrong with the way you think and you have to change it .On the other hand you have to add to this situation the way he wants to tell the governmet that he is their slave and do whatever they want to keep this sleazy job of his; what do you expect the poor guy even can say that Yogurt is black if he thinks it is good for his career. So do not take his advices so seriously and I am sure all other Good fellow bloggers also know who and what they are dealing with.After all as they say the moon shines and the dog barks.

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