Thursday, January 01, 2004

Have you seen the pictures of khameneyee when he was visiting bam?? if not I tell you that he was in a some thing very much like a tank the car was not a car actually it had antibomb armors every where he was so frightened that he did not even get out of the car for some time (atleast I did not see any picture from that moment if thgere is some bidy plese let me know.Any way it seems that he really thinks that he has the only gods favorite and has a mandate from god and do not have any responsibility towards people .Now my fellow Iranians here you are the clkear and present Tirant of the Country Mr Ali Khameneyee is in front of your eyes What do you want to do with him ???still allow him to do whatever he like regardless of what he does and the way his actions kill people .The choice is yours now the choice is really yours.

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