Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Ok Now you all have it even khatamy after all these years of deception clearly.confessed that he is the president without Authority although tell you the truth even if he had any authority I do not think any thing would change he was ther just to aleviate the movement of people .and he was very very successful I shold admit that in this process Iranian people also got some advantages .First now noone can say I did not knwo all the cards are open now ;second there were some issues that even we as people who were against the mafia from day one did not know .And theirs people now know taht whatever happens ti them come from them.So now my dear fellow Iranians this is the field and this is the ball you are here to play the game you have all the advantages against dictatorship that you can thin of it .the people of the world are with no doubt with you and moist of the governmets follow their people also .So as I said before the choice is yours game is yours to play .You have all the power and the power is in your hands play the game wisely ,very wisely

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