Tuesday, July 15, 2003

A good friend of mine has put some doubts wether we are immigrants or refugees .Talking about myself I consider myself an immigrant.The Civilization as we know of, in Iran started with a big Immigration of Arians from india towards west, some decided to go south to Iran Plato and some went towards north and west to go to Europe .Even after that every time teh big turning points of human history has always been along with big immigrations the immigration of moses and his people then the immigration of Muhammad and this story goes on .Just imagine that the big immigration of people towards US would not happen during 18th and 19th centuries .I know that not every thing about US is good US has many many bad and negative aspects .But we should all agree that without US the world would not have been the way it is now .I mean we all enjoy hollywood movies as well as what know as informatic revolution .The other aspect is that US has initiated a notion of freedom that did not exist before.So as you see there are more to immigration than what we think.Loook at your self as immigrants because Immigration is a choice while being a refugee is a mandate so which one do you like more?? mandate or choice??

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