Thursday, July 17, 2003

I was reading hoders log about this future leaders of Iran and the fact that he finds this proposition funny well some of these people in the list I can not agree more some people like karroobu=y can never be a leader in future iran any way first since he is so old for tha task and second since he is too involved in the regim's Illegal affairs in Martyr foundation but lets think about it what is wroing with loghmanian for example??first let me remind you taht what we need for future Iran is a democratic leader not aDictator leader like shah or khomeini or not even banisadr who could not cooperat with the forces that good or bad at his time were present and he had to deal with them and frankly he failed what we want is some body who while keep a good leadership can have the power of negotiation with different factions in order to reach a conclution towards the aim of the voters and loghmanian has proved that he can perform such task.I mean he at the same time could satisfy his voters and also negotiate with teh most visios fundumentals in parliment so whay not loghmanian???

And then we reach agha jary as we all know he has broiught a new vision towards political islam just like what benjamin frankliun did to the american democracy so whay he can not be a part of irans future leadership??? again I should remind my friends that teh leadership in future iran is a democratic leadership not a dictaror leadership so there is no problem if all these guys just like adams and washington and jefferson and madison can not each one of them take the ledership of the country .Regarding reza pahlavy ,well I have my doubts I think that although he always wants to show his prodemocracy face but deep down he can not be a democrat and the reason is not his hearitage frankly I do noty give a damn who his father was but what Is important for me is that he claims that he supports a refferandom for people to choose their future regime my Question from him is that in the year 1358 when all Iranian people in a referandom voted to finish the monarchy regime why a year later he named hiomself a shah???I agree that the refferandom was not accurate at all and the result of 98% of people voting in favor of islamic republic was ridiculous but non the less it was good enough to show that the majority of people (majority in a democracy means 50% +1) want the regime change .So this makes me really Cynical about mr Pahlavy.But to the list of those two guys that I mentioned who can be the member of the leadership team of Iran I want to Add Akbar Ganjy Also .As we all know his last book which was written in Evin Prison can easily be used as a base of the future constitution Of Iran.I will talk about this matter more later but I really like to have others Ideas in this matter.

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