Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I saw that a couple of the bloggers outside and inside of Iran got very angry with this being Emrooz of many bloggers they again for the thousandth time remind us of the crimes of these reformists and what they did in the first years of IRI .Well I do noit want to support reformists many of them should be sent to a just trial and courts should decide about them but what about us?? I mean what good does it do that now that we are all facing a monster named IRI to just stay there and say they are all criminals first of all this is not our right to judge them they should be tried in a fair and just court with Jury present and have the access to all the information to defend themselves and if we want to deny this right for them so then we are just like them .On the other hand well I think even saddam in his prison has the right to post a web log and if somebody wants to deny his right I think we should even defend his right after all isnt freedom of speech what we all seek??and the freedon of speech is for every body even a monster like saddam .Lets think aliitle bit and lets get together to solve our problems in a logical and fair way nit just with shouting names at eachother we are all humans after all.

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