Thursday, March 11, 2004

Today I was thinking about what Hossein Derakhshan said in his English weblog Regarding the way he was in the khameneyee's room twice and in his interview introducing himself as the sample of todays Iranian young people .Well my question from him is what about people like me and my friends??????I mean we were by no means close to any body in any regime neither imperial or the monarchy regime we were just regular people trying to live a regular life .I myself was a regular talented guy who wrote was hopeful to his future to be bright one with being in alborz highschool not because of any special connection to any body in the government but just because of having a good average score in primary school I was hopefull that I can easily continue my academic aducation in Iran or abroad and have a regular hopefull life .But all these was crushed by Mr derakhshans very close friends and family not that I think derakhshan is to be blamed for this but what I try to say is that now he is trying to say he is the sample oif Iranian youth I just want to say that he is not ,Manyt Iranian young people are just like me.People who have no connection with the governing Mullas people who they themselves or their parrents were disqualified to go to the University just because they were not good moslems people whose marriage wowes has not been told by khameneyee or any body like him.During early eighties the time of massacres in Iran I was very close to be one of those who were executed in those dark years not because I had any political affiliation because I had not but just because in that dark day of attacking Mojahedin in tehran I happened to be in the streets coming back from simin english institute .Just imagine that ,can you even think that some body being arrested and taken to execution just because he was in the street in a wrong time in a wrong place???this happened my friends I was so lucky not to be one of those poor people dying for nothing in that day but I can imagine how many of people like me were killed just because they were there.Now again people like derakhshan even want to kill us the other way they want to even deny our existense I hope that derakhshan reads this blog because I just want to telkl him that we exist Mr derakhshan and if there is any proof to the Slogan oif these reformists and Iran is for all Iranians and one person has one vote you will see that the day this really happens .people like us not like any reformists will take the power easily in Iran because we simply outnumber you guys I promise you.

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