Tuesday, March 09, 2004

As a person whose both parents were teachers When I heard about the teachers strike in Iran I thought that I have to mention some thing here.I remember the very first year of revolution when my mother was teaching in a high school named Goharshad at that time I do not know it the name is the same or is has been changed to one of the favorite martyrs of Islamic Caliph (it has never been a republic any way) .She was so upset at that time because they were all very experienced teachers over there and all of a sudden the government put a principal for the who had only an associate degree and use to be a house wife all her adult life and all of a sudden she became a principal over there maybe you say that she might have the capabilities and because of the situation before revolution she did not want to work but the problem is that for the whole group of those very experienced people she was just an inexperienced kid with some childish Ideas .She was the first principal in my mothers whole career who wanted to manage the school like an intelligence society and just imagine how damaging it would be to the kids and the whole society and I thing this was the story of all the schools in that time she started to put eyes and ears in every classroom to know what teachers say and I think this situation still goes on that's why our kids have a very sick notion that somebody is always watching them and this is what you can see in the whole country that's what has kept these guys in power and I think maybe if this strike goes on it will finish their power point in schools and that is good news itself.

Good luck all the teachers there may god be with you.

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