Monday, December 28, 2009

Revolution? Maybe….

For people like me who still clearly remember the events and clashes of Iran’s 1979 revolution these days are a very critical reminder.I clearly can compare the two happenings together and let me tell you there is many many similarities.

some people might say that well Shah was not this much brutal and I agree but let me remind you that the guards and the armed forces that are in the streets can not always keep their distance I should also remind you that most of the forces in the streets are very young and vulnerable to the things they see and hear.So although i absolutely condemn the system for the brutality I also can understand why the protesters try to cover the security forces and take them out of harms way.Do not forget that these are Iranians too and when the system collapses all of Iranians and I insist ALL the Iranians should learn to live and respect each other and this includes all the sepahis and basijis and Mullahs.

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