Tuesday, December 08, 2009

TARP funds


Yesterday it was in the news that the tarp funds have extra money as much as 200 billion $ in them just because the government policy was good enough so the market did not slope down as much as it was expected before.Now Obama administration wants to use this money or part of it to create jobs ,well first you think this is a perfect choice right? yes it is but if you ask our republican friends they are all against it why because they say it will add up to the budget deficit and the money should go back so it will not add to the deficit well my question is that do you prefer to have deficit now or later?

I mean if the jobless numbers grows further and further don’t you think that at some point government has to do some thing about it any way?so doing some thing means spending some thing and spending money means deficit right? no our republican friends say no government is not there to worry about people it is just there to govern but what is really the meaning of governing then?

To me more people on the jobs means more people paying taxes and more revenue for the government .This is as simple as it is.

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